Zen Bear Summer Recipe: Enlighten-Mint Iced Tea - Zenbear Honey Tea
Zen Bear Summer Recipe: Enlighten-Mint Iced Tea

As the kids start heading into summer vacation and the weather gets warmer and warmer, we thought we’d share one of our favorite cold drinks made with our very own Enlighten-Mint Honey Tea. We make this refreshing drink by the glass. It takes just 3 simple steps: Dissolv...

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Get Ready for Summer Iced Tea - Zenbear Honey Tea
Get Ready for Summer Iced Tea

Get ready for summer iced tea. Making the perfect honey sweet iced tea is so easy with Zen Bear Honey Tea. The first step is to make concentrated sweet tea that can be stored in the refrigerator. This technique opens the doors to all kinds of sweet honey coolers. think s...

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Qi chai Recipes - Zenbear Honey Tea
Qi chai Recipes

Quick And Easy Chai Cider As the leaves began to turn color and paint the hillsides, it’s a perfect time to enjoy a hot cup of spiced tea, and we think our Qi Chai Honey Tea is just the thing. A delicious blend of traditional Indian spices, and delightful as a hot or lat...

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Bee-ing Better Recipes - Zenbear Honey Tea
Bee-ing Better Recipes

Baked Honey Tea Glazed Brie What party is complete without baked brie? And this one’s our favorite baked with our Bee-ing Better Honey Tea drizzled on top along with chopped walnuts and cranberry relish all combined for a savory treat with a hint of cayenne. Bee-ing Bett...

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