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What Is Zen Bear Honey Tea?

We get asked this question quite often. “Is it tea?” “Is it honey?” Well, it’s both. But it’s also more than that. Zen Bear’s  honey teas create flavorful, soothing drinks truly unlike any other.

It starts with natural, pure clove honey, an ingredient that’s made perfect by nature. Honey has “hypertonic” qualities, meaning it absorbs flavors and brings out the rich tannins of other ingredients. When we infuse honey with finely ground tea leaves, spices and herbs, their flavors harmoniously mingle to create an undeniably delicious taste that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

So what is Zen Bear Honey Tea? Experience it, and you’ll know — it’s your favorite new drink.

Our Story

Years ago, when co-founder Lisa Ferrel was helping organize her sister’s home, she stumbled across a box of honey jars. They were made by her nephew, a doctor of Eastern medicine and a practitioner of the Ayurvedic technique — a sort of yoga for food.

The jars were also over 10 years old. But honey is a natural preservative that doesn’t go bad. So, Lisa and her sister softened the crystalized honey in hot water and gave it a taste. What they tasted was not too sweet and “oh so delicious”. A truly unique flavor that had no comparison.

After fine-tuning the recipe, Lisa, along with her husband Frank, took the honey tea to the Common Ground Fair, which focuses on  sustainable food methods. They sold over 1,500 jars in just a few days. Now, along with their family, they sell thousands of jars of Zen Bear across the country each year, bringing flavor and a zen-like experience to all those who enjoy their variety of honey teas.

Our Values

We strive to radiate goodness and bring joy to all that we do. To work and live with integrity, we make sure Zen Bear always:

Tastes Good

Everyone deserves to experience the transformative nature of amazing food. Using time, quality ingredients and the natural power of honey, we elevate people’s expectations of what a great drink can be.

Feels Good

Watching someone enjoy a cup of Zen Bear is like watching them unwrap a gift they love. We cherish our honey tea’s ability to uplift the spirit and take pride in its healthy and wholesome ingredients.

Does Good

We believe in creating a product — and using processes — that are socially responsible. That means using all natural ingredients. It also means using our company to support others, which is why a portion of every sale goes to Heifer International.

Meet Our Team

Our staff is multi-talented and brings more than just production skills to the table.

Lisa Ferrel, CEO

Lisa earned degrees in sculpture and horticulture, and holds a National Certificate of Apiculture from the British Beekeeper’s Association. She founded Zen Bear Honey Tea in 2014 following her retirement from Maine’s Chewonki Environmental Foundation where she was one of the culinary staff, following a family tradition – Her grandmother taught cooking at the Famous Fanny Farmer Boston Cooking School. In 2018 she was received the SCORE Encore Entrepreneur of the Year Award.  Her favorite flavor is Radiant Rose. She loves the idea of radiating joy and well-being.

Frank Ferrel, COO

Frank’s background is in music, art and journalism. He’s worked as a commercial fisherman, broadcast journalist, performing musician and documentary film producer. He is perhaps best known in musical circles as a master fiddler, having recently been inducted into the North American Fiddler’s Hall of Fame. Frank’s favorite flavor is Enlighten Mint, and loves it as a cold summer drink.

Matt Ferrel, Production Manager and Sales

Matt is our talented multi-media artist and recipe guru. He is a talented video producer, theater set designer, and musician having studied at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and the New England School of Communications. His award-winning, New Sunrise tea is a stable in our product line and Matt’s favorite flavor.  He was raised with an enduring love and reverence for food and has worked in kitchens and front-of-the-house for many fine restaurants throughout New England. Matt currently lives in Portland, Maine where he shares his passions for music, art, theater and food with his son Chester who also helps out from time to time.  Matt’s favorite honey tea flavor is New Sunrise. Chester likes Mocha Chaga.

Ariel Ferrel, Production & Product Development

Ariel knows herbs and she knows which ones are good for you, like the ones she combined to create our award-winning Blue Moon Honey Tea, also her favorite. She is a talented artist and clothing designer having studied at both the Massachusetts College of Art and Maine College of Art. She is also mom to three wonderful boys. Look for her on Instagram @faylow.

Ian Ferrel,  Production & Sales

Ian loves to climb, and as a licensed arborist he has the perfect job to find us all the birch-loving chaga we use in our Mocha Chaga Honey Tea. When he’s not climbing trees or playing lead guitar in his band, The Cups, you’ll find him anywhere there’s a good surf, be it on the coast of Maine or at Surfer’s Beach on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas.

Lisa Redfern, Production and Logistics

When she’s not working for us, Lisa performs as a talented singer songwriter with numerous albums to her credit. She lives with her sweetheart, two teenage boys, and two black & white dogs in a Victorian fixer-upper on the coast of Maine. She likes classic movies and black licorice. Her favorite flavors are: Bee-ing Better in the morning, and Nocturnal Nectar in the evening.

You can find her music on the web at: lisaredfern.com

Heather Jordan Bookkeeping & Order Fulfillment

Heather is our accounting guru and keeps our books in order as well as our orders in the books. She keeps track of our on-line orders and makes sure they are all shipped in a timely manner. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, and is an active cross country skier and long distance biker. Her favorite Honey tea is Bee-ing Better.

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