The Zen Bear Honey Tea Story

Zen Bear Honey Tea

Owners Frank & Lisa Ferrel

Zen Bear Honey Tea is a Maine family company. We try to have a light step on the planet by using locally foraged and farmed herbs and honey whenever possible. Our non-local ingredients are organic and free trade as much as available. And our promo and packaging materials are recycled.

Zen Bear Honey Teas are a gently infused herb, spice, honey and tea mixture designed for glowing health and exquisite taste. Each flavor has a balance of guiding and supporting herbs and spices which enhance honey’s own benefits.

Most of all our mission is to provide a sense of comfort, well-being and happiness which we believe radiates out to raise our shared sense of peace and gratitude. If this sounds like a tall order, don’t worry. Just enjoy your tea.


Zen Bear Honey Tea is the result of years of study of the healing powers of herbs and honey. The creator of Zen Bear Honey Tea, our nephew, is a certified Acupuncturist and Doctor of Oriental Medicine. His explorations of the qualities of herbs, and their effect on the body and mind led him to create a group of golden taste treats that bring delight as well as the benefits of honey and selected blends of herbs.

Zen Bear Honey Tea, LLC is a Maine family business based in Bath, Maine.

In Oriental medicine, honey is hypotonic, meaning it draws out. It is this property of honey which makes it the perfect medium for drawing out the herbal essences and the energies of spices, and imbuing itself with their qualities.

The healthful benefits of honey and herbs are combined in flavors that are sure to delight every palate.

As always, Zen Bear Honey Tea is made with pure honey and the finest herbs and spices.

Note: Zen Bear Honey Tea is a honey treat for enjoyment, and is not meant to treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition.


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Zen Bear Honey Tea

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Zen Bear Honey Tea

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4 weeks ago

Zen Bear Honey Tea

Apple season and chilly nights are right around the corner. We love this creative way to make traditional apple cider so much more.
Enjoy this delicious sweet and spicy Chai Cider recipe.

Zen Bear Chai Cider


• 1 large mug of hot apple cider
• 1 Tbs Zen Bear Qi Chai Honey Tea
• whipped cream
• cinnamon stick


Stir Qi Chai Honey Tea into a mug of hot cider
Garnish with a sprinkle of nutmeg and a cinnamon stick.
Top with whipped cream.
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