Stir Before Using

“Stir Before Using”

How many times have you seen that? We have it written on all our Honey Tea labels, but people don’t always read instructions. I remember trying to put together model airplanes as a kid thinking I didn’t need instructions. Boy did I get some funny looking planes – and lots of spare parts!

Pure, Raw & Unfiltered

We use raw unfiltered honey that crystallizes when left unattended and cool. We also use organic powdered herbs and spices in our honey tea blends which tend to separate from the natural honey and rise to the top. And that’s the reason we want you to “Stir before using.” We get the occasional call from concerned customers who, when opening a jar left on the shelf unopened for a while, see what looks like a product gone bad.

Floating Herbs

The herbs on top of the honey can resemble an unsavory growth and we do our best to assure folks that it’s OK and all they need to do is, yes, “Stir before using.” We also suggest heating the jar in a pan of simmering hot water for a few minutes to re-liquefy the honey which makes stirring easier. We are always saddened when we hear people tell us of honey found at grandma’s house that had “gone bad, all crystallized,” and thrown it out.

Oh No, Not the “M” Word!

Honey is a natural preservative and will last indefinitely. Honey is also known to be an excellent antiseptic and is even used on some band-aid products. The bottom line is that our natural honey not only absorbs the flavors of the herbs we use, but preserves them as well. With no water introduced in our mixture, there’s no chance of that nasty “M’ word occurring. So if you open a jar and see our herbs all globbed together on the top, fear not! Simply… “Stir before using.”

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