Mocha Chaga Honey Tea


Mocha Chaga Honey Tea – 8oz

Our Mocha Chaga is an earthy treat from Maine’s Boreal forest and the cold, clean Atlantic Ocean. Combined with tropical Cacao and lucuma, the carefully blended flavors create a light chocolate drink of great benefit.


This is one of our most complex and potentially beneficial teas. Our Chaga is wild harvested in Maine.


A fungus found on boreal forest birch trees across the continents. Chaga is known to be a stabilizer of multiple body systems. It also has the highest levels of anti-oxidants in the world. Chaga contains enzymes which repair cells and balance blood pressure. Chaga supports the body’s ability to cope with stress and contains minerals which help to combat crones, diabetes, hodgskins, colitis and flu.


Healthy circulation is supported by cocoa flavinols as it works to keep the arteries flexible. These deliver oxygen and nutrients for heart, brain, skin and muscle health.


Because this is the pure article, with all its minerals and no added man-made ingredients, Sea Salt naturally aids in maintaining a strong immune system to fight allergies, colds, flu, etc.


Just coming into its own in North America, Lucuma has long been used in South America where it is known as a “super fruit” for its high levels of anti-oxidants, beta-carotene and B vitamin. Lucuma’s natural healing properties include wound closing, antibiotic and anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. The most popular ice cream flavor in Peru, it lends an earthy, malt-like maple base to our tea.

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