Maine Amish Honey, Our Most Important Ingredient

We are often asked where we get our honey for our Zen Bear Honey Tea products. All of our honey comes from farms in the Aroostook Valley of northern Maine.

Nestled along the Canadian border of New Brunswick, Aroostook Valley is home to a growing number of Amish and neighboring farms who allow our beekeeper to place his hives in their fields and meadows.

Here’s how a typical day goes for us when we pick up our honey:

We leave our home on the mid-coast of Maine early in the morning. We head for the town of Houlton on the Canadian border, arriving around noon. From there, we continue north on Route 1 – yes, you can still go north from here! – for another hour to the Aroostook Valley. The signs tell us we’re in Amish country, something new for Maine. Once at the farm, we load our pickup truck to the max with around 1,500 pounds of honey and then head for home.


It’s a long trip, but worth it for the fine quality of honey we’re able to get – the honey is all pure, raw and unfiltered.

We think you’ll agree our long treks for honey make a big difference in the taste of Zen Bear Honey Tea’s products.

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